School Graduation Banners Outdoor

Now you can add your graduate's name and school name to this great 8FT banner, for the ultimate graduation banner.

Great for decorating or gift giving.

Easy, no hassle ordering. Takes only minutes.

The banner is printed on white vinyl. The graduate's name is printed in black for added impact. You choose your school colors and then you have a wonderful personalized graduation banner, at an great price.

PRICE: $32.95

SIZE: 8FT X 18 inches

DESCRIPTION:Ink on lightweight white vinyl with a reinforced hole on each corner.

SHIPPING: Standard S&H is $9.95.

NOTE: If your school color includes white (eg: blue & white, red & white etc.) use the primary color as both school color 1 & 2.

School Name:
School Color One:
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School Color Two:
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# of Banners:

School Graduation Banners Outdoor

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